Tree Service Wichita is the best company when it comes to tree services. We handle every task from the crown to the root of the trees. If your tree has been cut down and the stumps removed, you may be faced with the challenge of having stumps sticking out of the ground. If this is the case, give us a call for a free estimate on our stump grinding process. Do not let your beautiful landscape to be ruined by a couple of stumps that are not dealt with.

How We Get Rid of the Stump

If you have stumps all over the yard, it can be quite annoying and you would need to have a permanent solution. When you get in touch with us, you can be sure that this will be a gone case. The truth of the matter is, the process of removing the stump is quite tricky and tedious. This will take too much time and effort and this is why you need to call us to handle it like pros.

Stump grinding is a process through which we will grind the stump and break it into wood chips. We will take it below the ground surface, up to 12 inches and after that we will fill the hole with soil. Once we are done, you will hardly notice that there was a stump in that place. We will grow other plants, but we recommend grass.

Importance of Stump Grinding

Through stump grinding, we are able to get rid of the huge stumps that are on your property. With our powerful grinders, we will eradicate the stump in a couple of minutes. When you leave the stumps unattended, they may cause injuries to your pets and children. These stumps, also, take away valuable space that can be used for other plants.

When a stump is decaying on your property, it can be appealing to pests. Sadly, when they nest in the dead stump, they will start spreading to the other plants that are in your garden. You would not want to lose your beautiful landscape and as such, you need to have the stump removed.

Do you notice how difficult it is to mow your lawn with a stump in the middle of the yard? You do not need to endure this; allow us to get rid of the stumps completely and you will have an easy time working on your lawn.

Great Experience and Modern Equipment

The reason why we have become a reliable tree service company is due to the fact that we are highly experienced. We also have modern equipment which we will use to grind the stump in a short while. We have skilled arborists who know how to operate the machines and this will ensure total safety when we are working on your lawn.

Stump grinding is a service that we offer upon request. Whether it was left by another company or a tree that fell off, we are ready to grind the stump and enhance the aesthetics of your lawn.